The Book

Imagine that a tiny seed from a yew tree becomes trapped within a cold, dark, and dingy narrow-walled split in a large rock. After several long, quiet months, the small seed opens, and a curious root begins to explore its inhospitable surroundings. But the seedling’s efforts to find sun, soil, and water—the keys to its survival—awaken the large rock. The large rock is furious and gives the little seedling a rude welcome into the world.

“Survive? Survive? Make something of yourself? How dare you have such foolish dreams! Don’t you know what awaits you?”

The little seedling is stunned. How will it survive? Can it withstand the heat of summer and the snows of winter? Will it ever grow to be the tree that nature intended it to be?

Thus unfolds the story of the seedling’s struggle against seemingly overwhelming odds. Children and adults alike will learn timeless life lessons from the little yew tree’s determined effort and spirit.


For more information, or to order your own copy, please click here.

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